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Ephedrine HCL UK

Ephedrine HCL in the UK

Ephedrine Hcl UK
Ephedrine HCL is a medicine that is derived from a herbal plant in China called ma huang. It has been used among the other species of Ephedra to treat lung problems. For more than two thousand years, it was effectively used by the Chinese against colds and flu, asthma, lack of perspiration, headache, aching joints and bones and others. 

However, the more popular use of ephedrine hcl today is its effect on weight loss. With the increasing number of obesity in the population and the "love for instant" attitude of people, diet pills are sure hit in losing weight. Ephedrine hcl was a regular component of weight loss supplements up until the Food and Drug Administration of the United States banned it in 2004. Still, it was available as a bronchodilator and at present it is being mixed with other substances to produce desirable effects against obesity.

The statement regarding the effectiveness of ephedrine hcl in losing weight has been proven to be true. But the Journal of the American Medical Association published that it has health risks which outweighs its short-term benefit. The side effects associated with the intake of the drug are heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, restlessness, heat attack, stroke and even death. It is actually due to these side effects that ephedrine hcl was a controversial drug.

The good news is that there is a brand new study that reclaims the reputation of ephedrine hcl in the weight loss industry. Researchers from Harvard, Columbia and Vanderbilt Universities among other centers found that the combination of ephedrine with caffeine is very effective in burning fats. The combination even exhibited only minor side effects. They even further concluded that increase in blood pressure and heart rates were practically insignificant in healthy individuals. Moreover, the researchers went on to explain that people who have increased blood pressure, kidney, heart and/or thyroid diseases should seek medical approval before starting on ephedrine hcl. 

This new positive finding pacifies the mind of those using ephedrine hcl to manage their weight. But, everybody has to understand that this is not a magic or miracle drug. Others may claim that proper exercises and balanced nutrition is the only effective and safe way to keep the weight down. Still, adding pharmacologic substances such as those with the combination of ephedrine hcl and caffeine will make the classic weight loss routine more effective. That is especially true to obese individuals. 

Ephedrine is a stimulant that has the capability to rapidly increase body metabolism where in fats can be burned as much as 60% more. It also suppresses appetite thus delaying hunger leading to more fats being burned. As a bonus, this stimulant combined with caffeine will pick up the person taking the medication and packed him with enhanced energy. This allows him to go through with his daily activities including the recommended exercises with extra power.

Nonetheless, caution should still be practiced when deciding to use the drug. Anyway, its therapeutic effects are currently under study to help the FDA set standards in regulating medications with ephedrine hcl.

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Ephedrine Hcl UK

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